The Drew Smith Series


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  In this prequel to the Drew Smith Series the attorney launches his legal career, but before the ink is dry on his license he finds himself at the center of a murder mystery.  The recent law school graduate works as a hotel concierge and befriends two bellmen Medhat and Julio.  This eclectic trio form a solid fraternal friendship put to the test when Medhat is kidnapped after running up a drug tab he can’t pay.  Rescued by his crew he then becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders.  Driven by their romantic entanglements the attorney is captivated with a pretty Latina whose father objects to her dating a Black man. Julio and his Filipina love find themselves expecting, and Medhat’s passion for blondes gets him snared in a femme fatale’s net. Minus One captures Drew Smith’s evolution from youthful indiscretion to a professional burdened with seriousness of purpose.


Sleepless Nights


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Sleepless Nights abounds with despicable and loveable characters.  Trial attorney Drew Smith a solo practitioner takes on shady clients solving cases fraught with danger and romantic intrigue. Through Sleepless Nights the urban legal wizard while frolicking with an exotic dancer succumbs to a midlife crisis. Haunted by foreshadowing nightmares an awakening reveals an empty life but Smith finds solace with therapist Zöe Settles.

In an already complicated life Smith is pressed into service when a vicious robbery leaves three dead and the city enraged. Drew Smith and his devoted sidekick Julio Mejia work to free his young client on the trail of a crazed gunman responsible for a growing body count. In the end, the gunman and the dancer combine forces to bring Smith down. When death comes knocking Drew Smith faces the fight of his life.




 Coming in the Spring 2014


Drew Smith takes on the F.B.I. and the Chinese tongs to break up a criminal enterprise of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.